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News from Rønsholmen and Ørland.


Political decision:

From the May 1 this year  every person on board a boat more than 8 meters long have to wear a life jacket, when the boat is en route. The decision does not apply to cases when  boats are not en route. We recommend  floating costumes, preferably full survival suits.

Normal life vests are at our guests' disposal. We  also have a small number of self-inflatable life vests N150 for rent. They cost € 10  per week. The normal vests are free.


As from the 2015 season we can offer sea fishing tours with our new walk-around boat, brand “Sargo 28 Explorer”.
This year we can look back on a marvellous summer with abundant fish catches through the entire season.
Within the current  autumn there will be taken steps to dredge the approaching fairway to the floating pier. The mole will also be fortified.


Yet another season is ended.  The last guests who arrived  were quite lucky  in regard both to the weather and  to the haul.  Again coalfishes (pollacks) weighing 6-10 kg were caught. For the rest it has been  a rather varying fishing through the season.  The spring months were fairly cold,  which led to scanty growth of plankton and nourishment for the fish. In spite of this drawback there were caught  large halibuts (45 kg), lings and torsks. Most of the boats are now taken in and are ready for maintenance. The 25 HP engines have proved to be structurally undependable. The remainder of them will therefore be renewed by 30HP engines before the next season.


We have recently got a limited number of automatic inflated life jackets for rent. The price will be € 10,- / week. The standard one will be free to use as usually.


It has been made a new Video regarding safety at sea. You can find it here.



You will find some nice videos from the region of Trøndelag here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpfx35vhq_A



As a part of the preventive work regarding security, the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) requires enforcement of our security routines when renting boats. This is due to accidents and deaths occurring annually within fishing tourism. There is always some risk to be at sea, but we can all be more prepared and attempt to lower the risk.

We, the boat owners, can prevent accidents by ensuring that the boats are safe and in good condition. Further on, we must improve the information presented to the tourists considering danger and emergency procedures, as well as making sure that weather forecasts are available. We also need to ensure that the boat drivers are aware of their responsibilities and duties.

Those born after 1 January 1980 must have a valid boat driving license when renting boats with engines larger than 25 HP. This will be controlled before handing out the keys.

DSB must control and ensure that the law is obeyed.
The aim is to reduce the risk of serious injuries and deaths. In 2012, DSB has already had several controls and found shortages.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security has ordered DSB to make new regulations leading to general safety demands for the boat owners. Once these regulations are completed, additional changes might occur.
Read more.


Repairing work is now going on in full swing.  Mole and road were damaged by two heavy storms (hurricanes)  last autumn and winter.



After a nice and sunny vacation in Thailand  I’m keeping the home fires burning again.  Now I’m about to clear the boats for the coming season.  Some of  the boats are already launched and test-driven.

A new arrangement this year is a demand payment of toll at the ferries crossing the Trondheimsfjord. The reason is a resolution which charges vehicle drivers  with the greater part of the financing of an enterprise, which is a development of the main road system in Fosen.


Ferry and toll fares are  listed  on our link page.



Information about the 2010 season

New rules have been introduced in Norway regarding the boating licence and the minimum size table for sea fishing.

We ask all to study these regulations, and information concerning this issue is to be found under “links”. To ensure that the new rules will be implemented, it has been notified that there will be frequent inspections – both on sea and within each harbour. 

Some of our guests have taken part in a research project where you were asked to fill in a catch form in certain weeks throughout the past two years. In the beginning of February, we visited the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen where the result of this survey was presented. Please contact the reception if you would like to see the results. The Institute’s home site is: http://www.imr.no/

We also cooperate with the Northern Research Institute (NORUT) in Tromsø. As a part of their project, NORUT is collecting data on fishing among tourists. The institute will be very grateful for all the answers it can receive. You will find the form to fill in here: https://web.questback.com/norut/ft/




Touching up, apartments! The work is recommended to be over well ahead of season opening 2010. 


New engines,
for 2010 will all our boats be fit out with e- start engines.



The Minestery of fisheri and coastal affairs has resolved  that the regulations regarding minimum messures also will apply to Norwegian and foreign  leisure anglers from 1. January 2010.


We have just started with the reconstuction of the guting room.


New rules for boat driving licences in Norway.
From 1. of May 2010 have everyone born later than 1980 submit to a driving test if they want to drive a boat over 8 metres or with an engine over 25 h.p.

Exceptions from these resolved rules may later occur.



The site with Links have been changed. Now you will find a link to our partner in Bratislava.


New film is available. To be seen press the Video button.



I have to day added wallpapers for use in PC. The pictures are 1024 x 768 pixels. You can find them under “Picture Gallery”.



We have got some information about the boat where make fishing trips from Garten harbor.                                                                                              




It is from January 1st 2007 changes for the ferry between Brekstad and Valset. We have got a new ferry where takes about 30% more cars. There are also some small changes in the ferry schedule.

The new schedule you can find at the Linkspage.



From the season 2007 it will be possible to have fishing trips and sightseeing with a fishing boat from Garten Harbour.

Some may know the boat from Kvenvær in Hitra, where it has been used for the same purpose for many years.

Local people from Garten have bought the boat, and it is gone bee cleaned up over the winter.

The firm name is Garten Havfiske AS.

We have no information about the prices so far.

We will give more information when we get it.



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