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News from Rønsholmen and Ørland.


After nearly thirty years with rental activities by Rønsholmen Brygger,  I now want to retire. Naturally,   I am not ending  this engaging period  with a light  heart .  But I have been lucky enough  to get  actionable people  to continue the business.

For next season  there will be some changes, including that house H5 and house H6 no longer can be rented.  But the booking of  fishing cabin H1, H2, H3 and H4  will run  as before. 

Welcome to adventurous holidays at Rønsholmen!






We wish all our customers a promising  and happy New Year!  Demanding  challenges have characterized 2020, mainly  because of  the pervasive pandemic.  We hope these  difficulties  soon are overcome and that we  gradually can look forward to  brighter times.

Both old and new  customers are wished  eventful  holidays  at Rønsholmen Brygger in the time to come!












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